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Comment Icon0 The survey sample was derived from a modern arts college in Shanghai, namely the Raffles Design Institute. Representative of the next generation of Chinese citizens, the student population totalled about 3,400, with the male to female ratio at 1:2 and the average age being 18-24 years. The online survey was conducted in both English and Chinese to determine their preferred mode of Internet communication.

Comment Icon0 In terms of gender, a larger proportion of respondents were female in both language groups. In fact, 41 out of 60 (68.3%) Chinese- language respondents were female, while 15 out of 26 (57.7%) English-language respondents were female. Most of the Chinese-language respondents (81.7%) were between the ages of 18and 24 years. The English-language respondents had 42.3% in that age group, while the rest were over 25 years old. This was probably due to the participation of the college’s international faculty members who typically used English as their main teaching language. Around 70% of respondents were studying for a bachelor degree, and about 20% of respondents came from high school and junior colleges. A majority of the Chinese-speaking students spent between three and seven hours online daily (50%), while 20% spent more than 11 hours online per day.

Comment Icon0 For both language groups, an average of 60% of respondents went online at home. Most of the remaining Chinese-speaking students went online at their workplace (28.3%). A majority of the respondents also had access to high-speed Internet connectivity. The most popular means of access was digital subscriber line (DSL) (80% for Chinese, 61.5% for English), followed by wifi (11.7% Chinese, 23.1% English), and cable modem (8.3% Chinese, 11.5% English).

Chapter 9.1.1 – Demographics


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